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Welcome to PRICE Consulting Group

PRICE Consulting Group provides strategic technology services for emerging software-centric organizations.

Our services include:


  • PRICE ProductFocus™: Great technology alone does not guarantee sales. Our service guides marketing and engineering teams through the process of aligning feature sets to the real needs of the market. With this service, companies avoid low ROI investments into technologies its customers do not really want.
  • PRICE TeamFocus™: Great products require great teams. We help companies optimize the productivity, responsiveness, and ROI of their technology organization. This service audits the company's technology strategy, recognizes excellence and recommends improvements as needed. An extended service offering provides leadership through the implementation of audit recommendations.
  • PRICE OffshoreFocus™: It is easy to set up an offshore or outsource development team, but it is very difficult to achieve high performance, quality results. This service helps companies maximize their investment in offshore operations. We audit the administration, finances, tools, and leadership styles in place globally. We make specific recommendations and can lead the implementation of these improvements.
  • PRICE AgileFocus™: Technology markets evolve rapidly, and companies need to be able to respond quickly to these changes. This service guides companies through the implementation of globally-effective Agile development processes that enable teams to deliver high quality results with very short development cycles. We assess current processes, and design a roadmap to achieve optimum processes across the global technology organization. An extended service provides implementation leadership and periodic follow-up audits to assure the processes remain effective.
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